Generated Type Definitions

Alongside your generated documents you'll find a types file at .contentlayer/generated/index.d.ts.

This file exports a number of auto-generated and provided types that you can use to ensure type safety throughout your application.

Generated Types

A type is generated for every document and nested type you've defined in your Contentlayer configuration.

These types will match the structure of your documents, including both generated and reserved properties.

Consider an example where you have a Page document type that has three fields: title, description, and seo, along with body content. And let's say the seo field is a nested object of type SEO, also with a title and description.

The exported types will look something like this:

export type SEO = {
  type: 'SEO'
  title: string
  description: string | undefined

export type Page = {
  _id: string
  _raw: Local.RawDocumentData
  type: 'Page'
  title: string
  description: string | undefined
  seo: SEO | undefined
  body: Markdown

Provided Types

This file also exports a number of provided types that may come in handy in your project. Though there are more than you could inspect, here are those that may be of most use to you:

  • Markdown: Object with properties raw and html.
  • MDX: Object with properties raw and code.
  • AllTypes: Accepts any document type or nested type.
  • DocumentTypes: Accepts any document type.
  • NestedTypes: Accepts any nested type.

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Last edited on May 09, 2023.
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